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Building a Pyramid

In Home on March 8, 2013 at 6:00 am

I bought storage cubes from Just Cabinets last year.

It took 3 months of staining, sanding, and sealing before they were all finished and could be stacked up and formed into a pyramid.

I shouldn’t complain so much.

The effort was worth it because I got the exact wood grain I wanted for a fraction of the cost. The color matches all of our other dark furniture.

The storage space houses most of Elly’s books and games as well as a handful of our photo albums and coffee table books.

Besides, it didn’t take me years to construct like the great pyramids of Egypt. ha!

Shrinking our Furniture

In Home on December 13, 2012 at 8:48 pm

Living in a small house has taught me a few things. It has forced me to keep a tight fist on the number of our possessions lest we not have space to sit down. I keep a donation box in my basement and at least once a month, I schedule a pick up from Purple Heart.

Living in a small house with small rooms has also taught me that tall furniture is akin to a brooding giant standing in a corner; they both make me feel cramped and nervous.

Thus, the 6-foot-tall bookcase in our living room had to go. Yet, we desperately needed the storage for Elly’s bedtime books, toys, our games and etc. Enter the wooden cubes at Just Cabinets. Since they are perfectly square, they look the same standing up as they do lying down. I plan to lay them on their side and build a pyramid. Cute, short and functional.

The only downside to the cubes is that they come unfinished. At first, I wasn’t concerned, but I had only forgotten how much work goes into staining and sealing furniture. It has to be cleaned, conditioned, stained, sealed, sanded and sealed again. It took me a week to complete one bookcase.

True, the pile of books looks worse than a brooding giant, but I was too impatient to wait another week or two while I stained and sealed the next 3 cube sections.

Because I couldn’t resist, here is the latest cute picture of Elly.

I love how the balloon keeps her modest.


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