In Spinning on October 21, 2010 at 9:00 am

I’m spinning again!

All thanks to Baby Einstein, a continuous onslaught of pretty yarn from Vicki’s blog and the pretty fiber I couldn’t pass up at the recent River Festival.

You’ll note that I have not started to spin the pretty fiber. Instead I am bound and determined to finish the spinning project I started 2 years ago! (Gosh, I’m a bit embarrassed to mention that I’ve been working on it that long. Pregnancy and Elly derailed me, but I hope to finish up soon. I’ve placed the pretty ‘Gallery on High’ fiber next to my spinning chair to encourage me).

What is Elly’s hobby?


She loves to turn pages and to stare at the pretty pictures.

  1. Good on you for spinning again!!

  2. Is that a big Turkish spindle? (Not the Turkish Delight size?) Pretty!

    Elly needs a better venue for reading…

    • LOL!
      And yes, it’s a Jenkins Turkish spindle. Out of all the spindles I’ve tried, it remains my favorite. Though next, I’d love to purchase a Golding. I’ve heard such amazing things about them.

  3. Yay! Spinning again! In addition to being a great mommy and all that goes with that, (home made baby food!)
    I’m sure Elly will be spinning at your side soon.
    Now I need to get my Jenkins spindle out!
    Have fun you two!

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