Spinning for Sanity’s Sake

In Spinning on January 26, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Elly is still quite comfy despite the ever-shrinking walls around her. If this extended stay is taking a toll on anybody, it’s me. I have gone through the whole spectrum of emotions:

frustration over still being pregnant (41 weeks and 1 day)
excitement over the false labor contractions getting stronger disappointment over the false labor never progressing into true labor
joy at still being able to take my daily walks with Jake
anger over the assumption that surely by now I’ve gone into labor
gratefulness to my husband for being my rock
sadness over the fact that we are still without our Elly
happiness at finishing the final project for E: embroidered quilt label

Since I have finished all my current projects for Elly (excluding the knitting projects that I can’t work on because I’m too hot just sitting around the house in a t-shirt), I decided to start a project just for me.

I had stayed away from it as I was certain that it would cause the same overheating problem that knitting did. Yet, with spinning, there is no huge blanket or shawl sitting on my lap allowing me to spin to my heart’s content.

It had been so long. I had forgotten how much I loved to spin on my Jenkins Turkish spindle.

Currently, I am finishing up a project I started months ago: brown Shetland wool blended 50/50 with silver hair from an alpaca named Buddy.

This is a post from Knitted Gem’s blog, authored by Marie Haigh.

  1. Oh I’m sure you’re feeling very frustrated right now- just hang in there. She just likes being so snug and warm- I can imagine it would be very hard to leave! :)

    The label looks great, and I didn’t even know you spun! That’s awesome! :) When it warms up and you get some time I might have you pick me up some fiber from that alpaca farm- you’re so lucky to live so close! :)

    Hugs and best wishes!!!

  2. I’m sure Elly will appear when she’s good and ready :) Hope it is an easy labor and wishing you much joy in her arrival.

  3. Aw, hang in there! Elly will know when she’s ready – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s soon!

  4. Soon, very soon. And in the meantime, spin away! I love my Jenkins, too, and you are inspiring me to get it out.

  5. She’ll be here before you know it…promise! No woman has stayed pregnant forever (though I know it has felt that way!).

    Can’t wait to read your post announcing Elly’s arrival!

  6. Glad you found something to keep you sane! Hoping you don’t have too much longer to wait

  7. two words (if you’re still preggo): castor oil.

    Worked for me within 1hr and all my midwife friends say it never fails to work on a woman past her due date (also assuming here you’re dilated and effaced to a certain extent).

    Good luck!!!!

  8. I’m so glad to see you got your spinning out. Maybe that will get Elly going! I know it will be any day now.

  9. Hang in there! I know waiting must be difficult, and you wonder if every little shift means something. Wishing you all the best for a healthy and safe birth!

  10. Crossing my fingers and hoping little Elly comes soon if she hasn’t already!

  11. I figure by now you have your Elly with you and are right in the middle of early baby days. Hope all’s well and look forward to hearing all about it.

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