Stitch n Pitch with Yarn

In Phillies, stash on March 19, 2009 at 2:42 pm

I received my invitation.

The Philadelphia Phillies will be hosting this year’s Stitch n Pitch on Wednesday, April 29th at 7:05 pm.

I love my Phillies and I love knitting, so it’s a no-brainer for me. I’ll be there with bells on.

Also recieved from my wonderful mailman was lovely packages of yarn. He’s so good to me.

Yarn for Twin #2’s Baby Surprise Jacket
Yarn Love’s Marianne Dashwood in sport weight

I purchased the same yarn as for Twin #1 except in a different colorway. This is called Warm Tulips, a mix of reds, oranges and yellows. It’s so warm and bright; I can’t wait to cast on. I am trying to be very strict with myself and not cast on until the day we leave for London. It’s supposed to be my plane project; You know, the project that will keep me from losing my mind while stuck on a plane for 7 hours. If I start now, I might finish it en route and that would be very bad. My patience level for sitting still with nothing to do is about 5 minutes.

The green yarn was a surprise from a lovely woman I have been corresponding with over the past few months. We met in Ravelry’s Love of Letters. She hand spun the yarn and then dyed it with Kool-aide. I hope to pair it with the yellow merino wool sitting behind it. I can see a spring short-sleeved sweater (or fall, depending on how long it takes me to knit it).

  1. I love the stitch n pitch! Can’t wait to see the progress on the 2nd twin jacket, really like the colors.
    I know you will love London, can’t to see photos and hear how the trip is.
    Thanks for posting a pic of the kool aid dyed yarn, I was thinking of trying that and was wanting a mellow color, I love the ones you got!
    You need to get your spinning out!!

  2. Ok I’m jealous.
    Is it April yet???

  3. The stitch and pitch sounds like so much fun! And I love the yarn your mailman brought, can he be my mailman, too?

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