O Christmas Tree

In Christmas Tree Skirt, Fun on December 15, 2008 at 4:43 pm

Guess what we did this weekend?

Here’s a hint.

We bought a real tree in the morning. It was only after we got it home and into the front room that we realized it was a bit too large for the space.
They always look smaller at the tree lot. Why is that?

Then, we spent the entire afternoon decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music.

Do you recognize the tree skirt?
This is the first year we get to use it. It fits the tree perfectly.

It wasn’t just the tree in the front room we decorated, we also decorated the shed tree.

If you’re counting, that is 3 trees decorated¬†with one more to go.

  1. Wow so pretty, The trees look great. I only can get one up, although I saw someone spay paint a old one with gold, just sparingly. Then add gold ribbon and sprays and ornaments. That started me thinking I need another tree.

  2. The trees look terrific! And it’s so neat you finally get to use your skirt! :)


  3. Lovely trees and what a fine tree skirt :o)

  4. Beautiful tree ~ and your tree skirt is magnificent underneath!

    Love that you are decorating outside too ~ I always think that is so nice for the neighbors :)

  5. Your trees look beautiful and the tree skirt is perfect but I want to know how you got your dog to pose.

  6. beautiful trees and fabulous tree skirt! enjoy!

  7. It looks wonderful – the skirt, the tree, even the dog!

  8. Your home looks so beautiful and festive. Merry Christmas!

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