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In Spinning on September 5, 2008 at 3:52 pm
From Spinning

These aren’t for my or Dan’s lunches. I bought them for my yarn collection.

In her Spin It book, Lee Raven gives a tip on how to store yarn. She recommends “storing wool … in paper bags that are taped shut [since moth’s] larvae don’t eat the cellulose of paper bags.”

I thought that was an excellent suggestion. Since today was only moderately hot and not ‘I’m Melting! I’m Melting!’ hot, I tooled on my bike up to the local grocery store. I purchased 100 bags for about a buck fifty. (Gosh, I wish all organizational tools were equally cheap and available.)

From Spinning

I have 98 bags left. I think I’ll be set for the next 10 years.

My only complaint about the brown lunch bags is that they don’t have a little window in which I can peak inside and see the yarn. Fooey.

Speaking of bags, I don’t think I ever showed you my new bag.

It’s handmade from The Julian Bag Lady specifically for knitters. It has several narrow pockets in which I can jam my straight needles or other tools into. The inner compartment has a zipper closure, allowing me to lug it around as my everyday purse and be able to secure my wallet and other essentials inside. I just LOVE it.

  1. So clever, I would have never thought of that! And so organized. I had no idea that the nasty bugs wouldn’t eat paper. Good to know. We had a moth in the house the other night and I was frantic, but my very brave cat killed it. And then I think he ate it but I couldn’t watch.

  2. That’s a really neat idea. I may have to buy a package next time I’m at the store. Does the book mention anything about storing the yarn in a yarn cake? Or should they be stored in skeins?

  3. OOOOO. love the bag. I have a bag fetish. I had a bad week and left work , saying, “I need to knit, and buy a bag”.
    So thanks for the link, I love it.

  4. I want to thank you for introducing me to Julian! I love the bags and I’m going to make sure to get one for myself.

  5. I have an idea – put a picture on the outside of the bag. If you know how to use photoshop or some other photo editing program, you can take a standard 4×6 photo size and split it into 4 sections and have basically 4 images per 4×6 photo. Just cut them out and tape them onto the outside of the bag so that you can remember what colors the yarn is and what it looks like.

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