Summer of Love Part 2 and SewSpun’s Yarn

In stash, Swap on July 31, 2008 at 12:02 pm

I received my 2nd Summer of Love package yesterday from Piney, not my real swap partner’s name.

Missing from this picture is a book titled Knit Noel because it was the first thing I snatched from the box. It wasn’t until I finished taking pictures of all the goodies that I realized the book was still laying on my desk open to the page of the Christmas Tree Skirt design. (My design of a Christmas Tree Skirt is still undergoing the embellishment phase.)

About those goodies – boy, did I receive a bunch of them!

First up is the roving.

It is 100% Merino wool dyed in bright green and yellow with a smattering of royal blue. All the roving that I have – and I have an amount that is bordering on too much roving – is undyed. I refused to purchase any of the dyed rovings because I was certain that I would fall victim to the rationalization of buying roving just because it’s pretty. I hope this gorgeous roving doesn’t push me down the slippery slope.

Here’s a look at the non-fibery goodies Piney included: a needle gauge keychain, K2tog magnet which has been relocated to my fridge door, and chocolate wrapped in tin foil.

The unwrapped chocolate:

Lastly, I unwrapped the yarn:

It is 100% wool named Taos from Crystal Palace Yarns. The color is a mix of blues and greens: my favorite color combination.

Thank you so much, Piney!

Two days before I received Piney’s package, I got a box filled with yarn from Mandy of SewSpun. Since she had chosen the name I had suggested for her blue-green handspun yarn, Lady of the Water, I won the contest and received one skein of yarn as the prize. Much to my surprise, I found two skeins of yarn inside the box.

The cream yarn cake was handspun by Mandy from undyed wool roving. The red skein was commercially-spun, but hand dyed by Mandy.

Thank you, Mandy!

  1. WOW! it’s all so beautiful!!! I love the roving colors & the yarn is just stunning! The red skien is like the perfect shade of red! Beautiful!!!

    You are such a lucky swap pal! :D

  2. ohhhh, chocolate. drool.

  3. what wonderful packages, love everything you got!!!

  4. Wow!! How beautiful!! I don’t know which I am lusting after more….chocolate, roving, yarn etc…. Oh my…
    You lucky girl

  5. I’m glad you like it! Wow, did you get some good loot this week! So exciting.

  6. You have undoubtedly received the most awesome swap gifts this year! It almost makes me want to join one – LOL

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