Celebrating 15 Years

In Family on February 12, 2015 at 8:57 pm

Fifteen years ago, Dan and I got married.

The first year was hard. I was very tempted to kill him over a load of laundry. Thankfully, I didn’t.

For years later we are still happily married and have a wonderful family to boot.

Photo by Nihart photography

My best friend, who introduced us, can continue to pat herself on the back.

We will be celebrating the day by taking care of sick children.

And eating heart cake.

And drinking Celebration.

My 5 year old

In Family on February 9, 2015 at 8:26 pm

Elly turned 5 years old on Tuesday.

My first baby has become a spunky, kind-hearted, and sweet little girl.

A letter to my Elly Angel:
Your Daddy and I are so proud of the lovely girl you have become. You are a wonderful, caring sister to your siblings. You welcomed both Brooke and Malcolm into our family with open arms. You ask to hold Mal every day, several times a day. You can’t wait to play with Brooke when you get home from school.

You are a wonderful daughter, brightening my day with your cheery disposition and kindness. I am amazed and occasionally frustrated by your conviction and stubbornness.

Here is a list of some of the things you like:

Your favorite color is purple.

Your favorite meal is french fries and spicy chicken (aka buffalo wings).

You would wear a leotard every waking hour of the day if I would let you. Periodically, we have long discussions of why leotards cannot be worn to school.

Like most other girls we know, you adore Queen Elsa.

You love mermaids and wish you could be one.

You are a natural born leader, taking charge of what games to play and dictating how to play them.

You enjoy making crafts at home and at school.

You enjoy school, but often put up a fight before school because you miss your family while you are there.

Any drawings that you make either has our family in it or a rainbow. Sometimes it has both.

It has been a fun 5 years, Elly. Here’s to many more.

Nesting Craze

In Home on September 15, 2014 at 2:57 pm

Baby Mal is due in 3 days. So naturally, I have energy to spare and have put it to good use in finally completing our dining room.


I just adore the pictures I had printed from Snapfish. There are no pictures of Baby Mal, but he isn’t likely to care for at least a year or two and that will give me enough time to accumulate some pictures of the kids together.


It’s such a huge transformation. It is amazing what a new can of paint can do (and what a new camera can produce). Though Dan was worried about the bright orange, even he admits how much better the dining room looks.

Because I had such fun making the Haigh letters, I bought more letters to do Baby Mal’s name. 

Poor 3rd child. He has to share his room with the occasional guest until we buy a bigger house. Though truthfully, it is Dan and I that will have to share our room for the first few years with Baby Mal. It is only his clothes dresser and changing table that is in the guest bedroom.


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